As a school, we prioritise the safeguarding of our children.  There are a range of policies and procedures in place which cover areas such as Child Protection, Health and Safety, Medical Needs, Behaviour and Anti-Bullying.  These can be found in the Policies and Guides section within the School Information tab.  We teach children how to keep themselves safe and encourage children to talk to staff about their worries so that there is continuous dialogue between adults and children.  We work closely with a range of outside agencies to support our work.

We teach children how to stay safe through our Safeguarding Curriculum.  This includes:

-Regular assemblies focused on an aspect of safeguarding e.g. Road Safety Week, Anti-Bullying Week, Talking about worries, Keeping our school safe

-Sessions run by outside organisations e.g. Inspirational Speakers, Sex and Relationships Education, Pedestrian Training, NSPCC sessions, Road Safety Team, Local Policing Team

-ICT lessons focusing on staying safe online and behaving responsibly when communicating online

-PSCHE lessons focusing on a variety of issues including feelings, healthy relationships, challenging stereotypes, avoiding and recognising risky behaviour and keeping healthy

-Further smaller group sessions for those needing further support