The Chair of Governors is Mrs Victoria Percival.  The Clerk to the Governing Body is Mrs Debby Simpson.  If you need to contact either the chair or clerk, they can be reached through the School Office.

The Pecuniary Interests of Governors are:-


Roxanne Rothery - Employed by the school

Helen York - Employed by the school


Explanation of types of governor

Parent, teacher and staff governors are elected. They are representative of those groups. They should keep in touch with those who elected them, but make up their own minds on how to vote on any specific issue.  The Headteacher can choose whether or not to be a governor.

Local Authority (LA) governors are appointed by the Local Authority that maintains the school. As with all other governors they should be appointed with a view to their commitment to raising standards. They should keep in touch with those who appointed them, but should vote according to the best interests of the school.

Co-opted governors are chosen by the Governing Body because of the skills and experience that they can offer the Governing Body.



(Details of previous Governors available from School upon request)

Name of Governor Type of Governor End of term of office
Victoria Percival Parent Governor 7th September 2020
Roxanne Rothery Staff Governor 23rd April 2020
Elizabeth Sanderson Parent Governor 8th June 2021
Jamie O'Callaghan Co-opted Governor 20th September 2021
Wendy Moffat Co-opted Governor 20th September 2021
Catherine Bonner LA Governor 1st October 2021
Helen York Ex-Officio Head teacher


Governors Minutes are available in the entrance area of school.