Core Values

We have 6 Core Values which are central to our school community and included in our asssembly themes.  The Values are:

  • Friendship
  • Forgiveness
  • Fairness
  • Happiness
  • Trust
  • Respect


School Aims

Ethos - Staff, Pupil Relationships

1.1 We will maintain our current positive, inclusive ethos which ensures that all members of the school community feel valued and important. Staff and pupils will treat each other with respect irrespective of age, race, gender or religion. Our school embraces equality of opportunity and inclusion for all.

1.2 This ethos will be reflected in the good professional relationships within the school staff and governing body.

1.3 The use of cross peer support groups, school and class councils and out of school clubs will all demonstrate the involvement of pupils in the maintenance of this positive ethos.

1.4 This ethos will extend to our relationships with the wider community and will be enhanced through a broad and balanced curriculum focusing on the moral, spiritual and aesthetic development of pupils as well as the academic.

Teaching and Learning

2.1 Teaching and learning will be monitored through a performance management system linked firmly to professional development, recognising strengths and areas for development in all staff. Good quality planning will focus on the needs of individual children. Resources, including information communication technology (ICT) and teaching support will be used efficiently to maximise teacher time spent on teaching.

2.2 Clearly planned schemes will ensure access to a broadly balanced curriculum, enhanced with ICT, visitors and visits, for all pupils. Pupils will be involved in learning through clear focused outcomes and shared assessment and progress will be monitored and supported through a centralised tracking system using assessment data.

2.3 These measures will ensure that we have high achievement, effective teaching and learning and that our school standards will continue to improve.


3.1 Education is a partnership between home and school. We see the involvement of parents in the life of the school as a vital part of our work. We will strengthen our open door policy to ensure their full involvement in the life of the school.

3.2 Parents will be encouraged to discuss their child's progress with class teachers at regular intervals. All linkage with parents will be underpinned by an effective two-way system of communication that keeps parents fully informed.

3.3 Regular briefings, training sessions and activity days and open days as well as a sensible homework policy will ensure that parents are involved in their children's learning.

3.4 Our thriving PTA will hold a range of events, some fundraisers and some family events, to ensure that parents and pupils are fully involved in the school community.


4.1 The governing body of the school will be a 'critical friend' who oversee the strategic direction we take, monitors the school and ensures that value for money is given in all our activities.

4.2 We will work towards a more active involvement of governors in the school's life through an open door policy which foster sound professional relationships between staff and governors.

4.3 Our governing body will be made up of governors with specific skills to offer the school. Their skills will be refined through the use of all appropriate training and professional development opportunities.


5.1 The children in our school will understand their responsibilities as citizens, both locally and globally. Our school ethos encourages a respect and tolerance to all and through citizenship education this will be extended to a responsibility for all and for the environment.

5.2 Our systems of governance will include children. This will be based on class and school councils. Children will be taught how this system of representatives is our basis for national and local democratic governance.

5.3 We will encourage children to recognise their responsibility to others and to the environment by involving them in decision making, planning and action for projects which fundraise for charity, improve and maintain the school grounds and make the school environment greener.

5.4 We will ensure that our school environment reflects our respect for children and staff by maintaining the high quality of the building and regularly changing rich displays which value pupils work.


6.1 The school is a significant local resource and so we will take steps to firmly place it at the heart of the local community. These steps will focus on developing the school as a centre for lifelong learning and as a community resource. These activities will target both adults and children.

6.2 We will offer the school building as a venue for a range of events. Some like our extracurricular clubs, adult literacy and numeracy classes as well as ICT training will be organised by school. Others will be from local community groups like the horticultural society and the legal support scheme.

6.3 We will look towards innovative approaches to providing other services through the school which will benefit the community. These approaches will aim to open the school beyond existing school hours.

6.4 Our links with Park Lane High, through the sports co-ordinators programme, are to be enhanced to develop opportunities for the wider community to use the school.

6.5 Some of our community services will be non-profit making but others, specifically the out of school club, will bring capital into the school.