School uniform should be worn by all children from Reception onwards and we encourage Nursery children to wear it also.  It is expcted that parents and carers will support their children to wear the school uniform and it forms part of the Home-School Agreement.

The School Uniform consists of:

  • Grey trousers, shorts, pinafore or skirt
  • White or navy blue polo-shirt (logo optional)
  • Navy blue jumper or cardigan (logo optional)
  • Plain black shoes or trainers which are appropriate for playing out in
  • Grey tights or white, grey or black socks
  • Optional blue and white striped or checked Summer dress


Although we prefer Nursery and Reception children wear school trousers,we recognise that some children prefer to spend lots of their time, in these two year groups, accessing outdoor provision.  Therefore, children in Reception and Nursery can wear plain, dark grey jogging bottoms if parents prefer this.

Every child from Reception onwards also needs a PE Kit.  This should comprise of:

  • A draw string bag
  • Navy shorts or navy leggings
  • A plain white t-shirt (logo optional)
  • Pumps or trainers
  • During Winter months, children may bring plain dark coloured jogging bottoms and a plain dark coloured sweatshirt.


Children should not wear any other fashion accessories, except a wrist watch and a pair of stud earrings or a single stud earring worn in the lobe of the ear.  On PE days, children will be responsible for their own jewellery when it is removed.  Children who are unable to remove their own earrings, should not wear them for school on days when they have PE lessons.  Make-up is not permitted including nail varnish.

Hair must be neat and tidy with no 'extreme' styles or unnatural colours.  Fashion styles, including very short hair with patterns etc cut into the hair are not permitted.  Long hair must be tied back using ribbons or headbands which are blue, black or white in colour.

All uniform and coats should be clearly labelled with children's names.  Named items are returned to children directly.  Other lost items are put into Lost Property.  Lost property is kept for a half term then emptied and either disposed of, taken to a charity shop or kept in school store for any family who is facing financial difficulty.

During warmer weather, children should bring a hat to wear at playtimes to protect themselves from the sun.

A full copy of the policy can be found in the Policies and Guides section within the Governance section.